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Meet Nancy

I grew up in Salt Lake City and worked in our industrial footwear company while attending the University of Utah where I earned my undergraduate and Master's degree in Political Science with a focus on Soviet politics at the end of the Cold War.  After completing my studies, I moved with my husband to New York City where I earned a PhD. in International Relations, and American Government at New York University.   I also worked while I was in New York and later moved with my family to Maine where I taught Political Science at the University of Maine.  Later we relocated our three young children to Seattle where I taught at the University of Washington and Seattle University for 20 years.  I was very active in our church child and youth program, and I volunteered weekly at the Union Gospel Mission with my university students where we served the homeless meals each week after class.  I have served on various academic and education boards, taught study abroad in Northern Ireland on various occasions, lectured on U.S. foreign policy in Northern Ireland, So. Korea, and the Middle East and presented many papers about conflict, media and U.S. foreign policy.  I co-founded a company that helps students identify what makes them unique and supports them with writing a college essay for the application process.  

After remarrying the funniest, most charming man I have ever met, I moved to Billings.  My husband, who grew up in Sydney Montana, practiced law there for over 18 years and later we moved to Missoula.   I taught at MSUB, Miles Community College and will be teaching this fall at the University of Montana.  I started a real estate investment company and have been working on an academic book as well as a novel about Montana..."Moon Shadows Under The Big Sky." 

The greatest job I ever held, and continue to hold, is the one of being a wife and mother.  I worked very hard to instill the values of hard work, loyalty, character and honesty in my children.   These were the values that our family passed to me and these are the values our family brought to Montana as we did business here for over 125 years.  Today, my children are grown.  My son has served his country and started a successful A-I and big data consulting company.  My middle daughter works in the defense sector of our economy, and my youngest daughter works with banking and security and is attending MBA school currently.  I understand the importance of family, the responsibility of children, and the need to commit yourself to mothering decent citizens and making a difference as a family.  All this said, the best thing in my life has been becoming a grandmother or a "Gigi" as I am called.

Anyone who has been to the gas station has been shocked by the impact of inflation.  Not only do we have an economy that is being destroyed by national incompetence, we also have rising property taxes that threaten to damage all of us here in the state and the city if the issue is not addressed quickly. Our property taxes cannot continue to escalate at this rate.  We need a strong middle class as does the rest of the country.  The key to democracy and a nation's stability is the existence of a strong middle class.  Souring taxes and inflation are destroying all sectors of the society and the middle class is shrinking away.  As I knock doors and visit with constituents, the economy is the number one  concern of families.

Although I did not win in my bid for House District 98, I did have an impact on the movement to stop the de-funding of the police.  As I knocked doors in my district, I also circulated a petition for all citizens to sign.  The petition was a move to take protective immunity from our elected city officials in the event they de-funded the police.  Furthermore, it would have made them personally liable for any harm suffered by citizens as a result of a lack of policing.  Those petitions were sent by citizens to Garlington, Lohn and Robinson where my husband had volunteered to litigate the matter should the city deliberately compromise the safety of Missoula by committing a dereliction of their public duty and trust.  

As a volunteer first with CASA , and now just on my own with a foster family, I have witnessed first hand what the ravages of drugs can do to a family.  Our greatest victims of the drugs coming in from our Southern boarder are the children.  Drug addicted parents are abandoning and neglecting children and furthermore, they become vulnerable to the nightmare of human trafficking and a life of abuse.  We absolutely have to stop the impact of a porous boarder and the overwhelming devastation of the drugs that are flooding our state.  We lost over 107,000 to the drug epidemic but even more children to the ravages and disadvantages and horror of being a child of a drug addicted parent.

As a professor, mother, and now grandmother, I am well aware that our country's greatest defense is our education system.  I am concerned we  have lost track of the overall goal of academic excellence. Our fine hard working devoted teachers are being caught in the middle of a culture war.  It is vital that our students are prepared to be competitive in the domestic as well as global job market.  CRT and sex education that seeks to take a child's identity and childhood must be extinguished and overshadowed by high standards and academic performance and pressure from parents, and the community to spend time on a classical education with a strong science and math program as we support our outstanding, devoted teachers.  We are not paying, as citizens, for social engineering or the bias or agenda of individuals determined to undermine our Montana and national values.  Teaching children kindness and the idea that there is something special and good in all human beings is being undermined by those that have decided to not only attack the family but our education system as well.  As we teach love and kindness for all people at home, the curriculum of hate, dissent  and matters of identity and sex, being disseminated in our schools must be halted.  We need a results driven measurement of the achievement of our students and where there are academic deficits we need to focus on making them up and supplementing learning programs at school and at home with the help and oversight of parents.  It is foolish to think the Chinese, Russians or any of our global competitors are undermining their greatest defense system by wasting time in the classroom.  Based on my international experience, they are not.  As parents, teachers and citizens, we cannot continue to tolerate these biased and vicious attacks on our children.  Furthermore, I believe we should really push vocations.  All students should be able to do two things well.  We need to start introducing vocations to all middle school students and getting them involved in internships and summer jobs so that they can identify what they like and can excel in a trade.  Students should be able to work and go to school, if they so choose, and stay out of debt with a vocation they have mastered. 

I will represent all constituents on both sides of the asile. We agree on so much more than we disagree.  All parents want to raise their families with dignity, safety and economic stability.  Our children are entitled to have access to an excellent education so that the next generation is armed with the tools needed to create strong stable homes for their posterity.  I am a candidate for All Families and I want to hear what you need and how I can best represent you.  Based on so many of you, that I have met and visited with as I have knocked doors, it is the economy that is at the top of the list.  I will work to halt spending and tax increases and manage what we have and cut anything that does not promote the interests of all of my constituents.





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